1. I had my channel demonetized saying the majority of it was not my content when it's mostly twitch stream exports, i challenged it, they said i didnt add my channel link to it even though it was a vid on my channel… and they never asked me to say my channel at the start, by the time i could reapply my view hours had dropped just below 4000 so i couldnt reapply for monetzation.. sucks

  2. Start your “own”/“new” YouTube pewds, get enough people behind it we won’t need this old shitty platform anymore. The golden days are over

  3. Firstname Lastname on

    Honestly, the more time goes by, the less I am convinced that we still have a need for copyright/patenting laws in general.
    At the very least, I see no reason for them to last longer than 5 years and even that is generous IMO

  4. Yep, I received this on 50 vids a few years back, just using 20 seconds or less. I deleted all 50 to not go through the hassle, and on my way back. It's been a tough road but I'm tougher!

  5. I am not a creator myself so I don’t know how this works.
    By what if YouTubers maid their own company’s and claimed their own Videos before other companies can com in and claim it.

    It doesn’t fix the problem but you might be able to avoid the stupid shit at least

  6. Be made such a good point about TikTok music and the extra attention those songs receive. So true, I don’t get it YouTube ..

  7. I'm a let's player and I have been dealing with this for years and I have no hope that YouTube is ever going to fix this problem I mean just look who's running the platform you really think Susan actually cares? look what she did a few years ago throwing all the YouTubers under the bus when COPPA happened. I don't trust YouTube after that 😕 when Susan leaves YouTube then I'll start believing things will get better .

  8. Tiktok's gonna be a more preferred platform for artists or content creators then YouTube in future cuz yt is just putting too much rules and regulations and pressure

  9. Repost Network has a problem with their name so how can it be legit? like seriously it's happening to biggest creators, but what about small creators who doesn't have to much reach and youtube never gonna give a fuck bout anybody wow👏👏

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