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  1. Sean Moscardini on

    In the Earth was by far the worst of the year movie-wise for myself, I am genuinely baffled it has good reviews it was phenomenally bad to me.

  2. Terence Miguana on

    i think the most disappointing one for me was Censor as i am a bit of a nerd for the whole Video Nasties craze and had read a lot about it. But that movie made it out that there were filmmakers in the UK at the time making nasty pictures which made no sense just felt disingenuous and the ending was a let down too. Good acting and well made but just felt it s was a bit of a dud . Halloween Kills was fun but i can see why you would not recommend it. It was kind of forgettable

  3. The Horror Hour on

    This is the one, I was waiting for. Let's see how this pans out…Fear Street 78 and AOTD. You're breaking my heart!!

  4. UndeadNightmare24 on

    Interesting List! I still haven’t seen Old! I enjoyed Don’t Breathe 2 but I understand your frustration with it. Halloween Kills and Army of The Dead were My Favorite of 2021!😂 I respect your opinion though. I enjoyed the Video and Take Care Buddy! 👊🏼🤙🏼

  5. Josh Liefhebber on

    I tried to watch malignant each time you recommended it, but each time I tried was worse than the last. I think that would be my 2021 pick

  6. The Upside Dan on

    Good list! When you said Separation was just an honorable mention I was like… what could be your least favorite lol. I liked Wrong Turn more than you but still, didn’t like it lol. And I also don’t remember like anything that happened in Things Heard and Seen lol.

  7. Cheers to Fears on

    Had quite a few similar movies in the low ranks as us! A few movies you mentioned we didn't get around to watching, and probably wont go out of our way to watch them haha.

  8. JaredTalksCinema on

    I actually liked fear street and conjuring lol thankfully their only honorable mentions. yeah wasn't a fan of wrong turn the fact that they tried to make them sympathetic was so dumb lol

  9. Man, I really wanted to like Old so much but I only liked it a little. It had so much potential but there was just something so hollow about it. I freakin' LOVE The Happening, lol. I need to watch ALL the Wrong Turn movies, excited about that marathon. Let's see, if I had to pick I would say Army of the Dead was my least favorite horror movie that I watched in 2021.

  10. Out of all the YouTube critics on YouTube, you are LITERALLY the only one with whom I always agree. Your lists always match mine. You're my cinema twin! LOL I write reviews online, and it's eerie how they match your opinions. You're awesome!!

  11. Ocean Chicks Films on

    Great list Nick. I haven’t seen all of these films but I agree with the ones I’ve seen.. Don’t Breath 2, Wrong Turn, The Conjuring 3. Hopefully more great ones this year!! Cheers my friend🤘

  12. A-Town Reviews on

    Oh man I forgot that Hold even happened! I saw the trailer once and I wanted to see it, but after watching your ranking, I might have to skip it haha. Great list bro! I would say the worst horror movie that I watched in 2021 was Resident Evil Welcome To Racoon City

  13. Curly Girl At The Movies on

    Old was a hot mess, but I really enjoyed it lol. Like you said, at least it wasn’t boring 🤣 Omg I hated Things Heard & Seen too, and I also, for the life of me, can’t even remember what it was even about

  14. I’m glad you ultimately had good things to say about Old 😂 I found myself having a great time as well with it! Great vid, Nick!

  15. Let’s B Reel with Brad on

    Awesome list Nick! I found the conjuring 3 disappointing but I still found it to be a solid movie. Nonetheless these other picks are quite bad! So glad for you to say some “positives” with Old as I remember how awesome your review was for that! I’m so glad I never saw Wrong Turn as your in depth destruction of it got a good laugh out of me! Keep up the awesome work!

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