1. If they caved in and did do a collab together, it wouldn’t be a fun video to watch because we all know everything would feel forced and awkward. Mark probably liked Felix but wanted to distance himself from Pewds when all the controversies started. While I feel Pewds’ controversies were blown out of proportion, I can understand that Mark has an image and probably didn’t want to even come close to tarnishing that.

  2. LumpySpaceLoki on

    People grow up and things changes. Youtube has done so much damages to its creators also, so it's not weird if creators takes different paths.

  3. 🍮Kath🌼 on

    Idk if it's an introvert thing but yeah, friendships drift, it's normal and okay specially if there wasn't any issues and it was just a thing of not having the same interests anymore and lack of communication.

  4. If Markiplier had a beef with Pewds, he won't do that "I won't shut up until you subcribe to PewDiePie" stream…

    They're not close but they still on good terms with each others…

  5. Answer: Pewdiepie has turned into an arrogant dickhead after bagging money and getting famous, can’t believe this mf used to be funny back in the day

  6. Leongon draws stuff on

    Sean seem to stay friends with everyone. Mark instead seem to drift away or have problems with the people he collaborates with, I can add the SuperMega boys and Game Grumps off the top of my head.

  7. I always thought Pewds & Mark didn't blend well together. I remember Pewds cringing at Mark laughing way too hard at something he didn't think was that funny. They just have different senses of humor.

  8. darkwolf arias on

    im glad pewds did this bc people usually do rumors based off of the fact a youtuber stopped being friends with anouther one

  9. Lilithian Deity on

    Mark and Felix just live different lives. I don't remember exactly when but I'm pretty sure that at some point after Felix said that they did end up collabing on something and they were cool. There wasnt like any awkward tension or anything lol, they're just different people that grew apart throughout their lives but still have mutual respect for eachother

  10. Shady Doorags on

    This is when you get to the point that you're collabing with people for fun and not to expand your audience. Pewds is too high up, he sometimes forgets that his job is to entertain people and they're suggestions are based off of what will entertain them more.

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