1. I always save the best for last with my food I like the best flavor to be the last one 😂😂 so we are opposite on that one

  2. Jesus was crucified on the cross was buried and rose the 3rd day for everyone’s sins. He loves you dearly💖💖💛💛💛💛 John 3:5 be born again by being baptized for remission of your sins. Seek him before your time is up off this earth, don’t die without accepting him. Don’t let it be too late, he’s calling for you💖💖💛

  3. Really? You are doing the Ridge wallet? Need that money huh being as u are a multi millionaire. Ad revenue simply isn't enough I guess

  4. When i see my YT have 1 added subscriber it made my day ❤ pewdie pie has a different mindset but i respect that 💪❤

  5. The most superior way to eat a pizza is rolling it up like a pancake and deep throating the whole fucking thing.

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