1. Because they dont let anyone that isnt japanese or has permanent residence enter the country 🤷🏽‍♀️

  2. I had a chance to see you from far back to 2018 when you and your wife was in Nakano station. I hope all your wish will come true

  3. I'm sure part of the reason he wants to move to Japan is so they don't get stopped on the street every 10 minutes, which is very understandable. Good luck with the adventure, if you see this, Felix!

  4. Taylor Germain on

    "I don't think anyone needs to hear someone who is well off, talking about how corona is affecting them"… most Intelligent thing you've ever heard come out of a celebs mouth.

  5. Fergal Newton on

    Ahh thats so annoying i have the same with a modelling contract out there its been a year now and its so annoying I dont even know when im going

  6. Join the Army in the USA, accidentally got stationed in Japan mid COVID 👍 well I’m a dependa so me and my cat travel

  7. The black & white filter when he says "limbo" kinda makes me think it was to reference the Limbo game which is so cute i love that

  8. thelitupglassesman on

    I love the videos where Felix speaks his mind, he conveys his feeling very well, and somehow makes me feel like I've know him from my neighborhood

  9. I’m one of the students waiting to go in. I study Japanese as my degree so it is require for the course. I was meant to study in Japan starting last year, but I decided I had to take a year out of university to wait and just hope I can go later this year (my last chance) instead of doing online classes at 3am; which has meant having nothing to do for an entire year as it was so unexpected. My life is completely on pause while all my friends continue to live their busy lives. Luckily it seems Japan’s slowly opening up now but I’m not sure how long visas will take to get, and the prices of flights has skyrocketed

  10. I haven't seen family and friends in 5 years. First for career reasons. Then covid hit. I mean, I am blessed to live in Japan. I love the country. But I'd like to see my fam. I totally feel ya.

  11. Naomi Jenkins on

    I was hoping to visit next year, I’m learning the language and next year is the perfect time for me to go. After it will be more difficult Becuase I’ll be working on my career. I hope they open their borders soon for everyone x

  12. I live in Japan and it's super hard to guess when they're going to open. I want my friends and relatives to come visit me, as it is really REALLY hard for us to go out too. Nowadays we can leave and the quarantines are easier, but I took the risk to go home this Christmas knowing they could have changed everything while being home. I hope you guys can make your move here, but it's super hard to guess when the will open for sure….

  13. Abbie Roberts on

    Don’t give up. Living in Japan has been my dream my whole life. Sadly it will likely never happen due to health issues. Keep going. When you get there it will be the most amazing feeling. I went through the same thing while buying a house and almost gave up. I’m so glad I didn’t.

  14. Michael Marty on

    Trails and tribulations. Keep going for it man, we all go through some sort of road block in life. The reward for the wait will be worth it.

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