1. Mr. Burkenstock on

    Not a lot people use this point of view but Canada, USA, and Mexico are all in the content of America. So yes Mexicans and Canadians are Americans but not really.

  2. internet serves provider's custumor service people are worse then realtors. I once had i guy tell me if i did something I would keep all of my perks and my service would be cheaper when i did it he said he had to check if it would actually work and was on the phone for a hour and came back and told me it would not after telling me it would.

  3. Me searching up very very hot, hot dog for the fifteen time
    My internet provider wondering if I'm autistic or insane

  4. Jonathan Deutsch on

    Watch tom Scott's video a because a VPN doesn't help security just watching stuff from other country's

  5. Cycle The World on

    >People romanticize Paris
    >Pewds definitely not doing the same for Japan…. (it's way more shit to live here than to be here as a tourist)

  6. Great video, but as a Swiss citizen with part Turkish origins, I just wanted to clarify two misconceptions you have about Switzerland and Turkey :
    (1) we do pay taxes in Switzerland, and (2) no you won’t “get kidnapped” in İstanbul.

  7. Rockin Royalty on

    Listen here PewDiePie…I AM the dishwasher. Never had a dishwasher in any home. I don't even think I've SEEN a dishwasher at someone's home before. 🤔

  8. Alec Roberts on

    Arizona is not just a desert 🤣 were just surrounded by desert. Phoenix is one of the biggest cities in the US and surrounded by plenty more. We've got north AZ too, with pine trees mountains and snow.

  9. Rafael Morim on

    porque é que fizeste este vídeo a falar em square feet's quando os únicos gajos que usam o square feet são os americanos? (pergunta para satisfazer a curiosidade de uma pessoa muito especial) obg Felix

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