1. Going through serious depression and you guys have unknowingly been helping me with this content Thankyou Felix and Ken ❤️❤️❤️

  2. I mean this is frickin' weird, but I really do hope this poor woman has decided to got to therapy or something. I know everyone has their own way of grieving, but she needs help to learn how to do it in a healthy way.

  3. She’s finna Eat her man til her mans ashes no more . And then she’ll have nothing

    7 months later , and all the ashes are gone

  4. Candace Saathoff on

    Just put it some ashes in coffee maker and brew a hot cup or put in some hot A s chilli and let them tear that A s up one more time either seems better than just straight up ash

  5. clara sanchez on

    As someone who just received my fathers cremains, there were literally visible bone fragments in the ashes. I have no idea how she can see that and still be okay with it

  6. MarmadukeTheCat EST19XX on

    I have an addiction to eating ice because I’m anemic. I know it’s not as bad as what some of these people eat but PICA is nothing to mess with…. It sucks and you feel like you have no control

  7. PissOtter Flyswatter on

    So I know this video is kinda older and I didn't read through 12k comments,
    But I want to say. Not all bodies are embalmed before cremation. It is not a requirement.
    Also cremains are generally void of all biological material and probably the chemicals as well, bodies are burned at such a high heat it really takes out everything

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