this man always tries to do something new and extraordinary and makes his audience feel excited for every next video hats off to him❤💙💜

  2. Dlihc D. Nargsnamesiw on

    4:38 my fnaf animatronic brain: "Guys THE LORE! you SEE THIS? THIS IS THE LORE! THE LORE CONTINUES GUYS! OMG I eat POOP!"

    ngl i'd be terrified if I'm that child.

  3. The anime clip is from an actual anime I believe. I don’t know the title but its an anime where anime girls turn into automobiles. It’s very strange. I beg to differ that anime clips are not funny. Some I admit are rather cringe but if you’d watch some funny one piece clips I guarantee you’ll be dying.

  4. Heavinleigh Durbin on

    i love watching these videos cause i watch them in class and it really puts me in the "you laugh you lose" position and it makes it so much more enjoyable lol

  5. Classic mistake to come out the gate swinging with your trap cards. You need to wait for him to lower his guard, kill him into a false sense of security; then when he’s already started to crack, *BAM* fart joke

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