1. On height, I just visited my HS best friend (still my best friend) and met her fiance. He said he was 5'9" on his dating profile. I'm 5'7".
    We're the same height. 🤣
    Didn't change anything, we had a good laugh. But why lie??

  2. SilverWillow on

    You should've showed him the "Eenie Weenie" with Monty dancing w/ DJ and Gregory off to the side just bobbing

  3. The kid that was going on that zipline I went there it’s in Vallarta Mexico it’s so fun there’s a series of zip lines then the one he’s on is the last kne

  4. Cassidy Lumley on

    This gave me “showing my friends funny videos, but they have either already seen them and them “laughing” to make me feel better” vibes

  5. ALDC Brights on

    I was like "Hey, they're talking about NZ!" and got all happy the minute my fellow country was mentioned 😂

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