1. 2:55 people pointing out Travis told people to move out of the way to help at this clip.

    Doesn't change how I feel about the situation but still context that was left out.

  2. littlesuko ୨୧ on

    I can't imagine being 14 and losing your life. Concerts are supposed to be fun events to make memories. This is awful, never liked Travis anyway.

  3. everyone with too much money and too much power just don't care about anything. Like they think they are invincible and their actions have no consequences. It's f**ked

  4. Bonkers Gaming on

    A not so fun fact to know: In one of his concerts, Travis Scott stopped his concert because his shoe got stolen, yet he doesn't even care about 8 people dead, and over 300 people injured. Good to know Travis Scott cares more about his shoes than the health of over 300 people. I know this might sound kind of harsh, but what a scumbag. Its funny thinking how many people are going to come to his next concert.

  5. Kayleigh’s KRAZY videos on

    The apology is so serious that he took the time to put a black and white filter, surely he saw at least someone past out or someone literally getting taken out dead by the police!

  6. What also breaks my heart more, is a good amount of people at that concert didn’t do anything to help save victims, and even watched them to die, or get crushed. That’s what pisses me off the most. All these bystanders what does that make you? Not a saint, nor victim. Just also a-hole and criminal yourself.
    Wouldn’t surprise me if he was in a cult.

  7. You still keep zooming. At least the audio is so bad that it confuses me trying to ignore it.
    I would like some real life vlogs about what's going on with you.
    Most likely you don't have time to have a life. I wake up. Play games until i pass out and another day begins.
    Grab Marz, go outside and record something for us. If someone comes asking for a selfie with you? Well.. That's why you bring a gun.

  8. This is just so sad and also an eight-year-old actually died in this they fell off their parent shoulder and they found them lifeless damage to the lungs and they died.. this shouldn’t be a trend that just comes and goes away this is just messed up

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