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  1. Horror movie trailers have become so formulaic that I feel like I can get a pretty accurate idea of the film's quality from the trailer alone.

    1. Resident Evil – It won't be as bad as the previous attempt at a RE film series, but it will still be mediocre
    2. Paranormal Activity – Trash
    3. Halloween Kills – It will try to be special, but will be just another average entry in the franchise
    4. V/H/S 94 – Will be very confusing, successful at scaring the audience, but the plot will be messy
    5. The Last Rite – Trash (just another Excorcist knockoff)
    6. Nightmare Alley – It won't be very scary, but it will be a decent movie overall
    7. A House on the Bayou – Trash
    8. Lantern's Lane – Trash

  2. Bad music choice for the Resident Evil trailer. Love that song, but the random, not creepy and just weird remix doesn't fit at alllll.

  3. Random overpopulated world ideas on

    Nightmare Alley was a old movie from 1947. May be a remake. Old hollywood is awesome. I think I'll watch that one first.

  4. Eraclio Martinez on

    If they want to add a good movie it should be a new Blair witch when she is young and barley starts her witch craft. Her name Elley kedward and at the ending of the movie should show how she ended up in berksville Maryland!

  5. I don't like the movies this year .
    The horror is not that wild as before.
    I am looking for something good and catchy one

  6. Atheris Hispida on

    ~ Just here wondering if these studios will ever realize that showing 3/4 of the film in the trailer doesn't make people want to see it lol

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