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  1. thanks for the tips. I will know to avoid. I have never seen these, thank God. the most disturbing ones I've seen were I spit on your Grave and probably Texas Chainsaw

  2. From this list- im guessing she has not scene movies like Trauma / Feed/ August underground ,headless,hate crimes/ Serbian film .. etc etc

  3. Andrés Cárdenas on

    I really don’t get why some people are so shocked by “Raw”. The movie isn’t particularly gory or lurid, and the story isn’t shocking or dark. I liked the movie and think it was well done, I just wasn’t disturbed by it in the least.

  4. I rember half the audience left during Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning. There's a scene in that movie where this dude on a table. They all left and I watched lol.

  5. Pundertale Fan on

    Okay, now we need a list of top things that are disturbing in Antichrist. I suggest making it age restricted. XD

  6. Pundertale Fan on

    I heard there was a creepy movie called Bite that provided branded barf bags during their showing. I like to read about horror films, and I guess that one was especially revolting, because I can't find much about it.

  7. Blackie Nuff on

    The blood and gore of horror movies do not bother me – I don't care if it's dismemberment, cannibalism, etc – sure, I get a slight cringe from it but nothign that makes me sick or disturbed.
    What gets me, is the psychology behind certain scenes that I find far more troubling. I've been accused of "over-thinking" things. In this day and age, "over-thinking" is actually just plain thinking, as in giving any actual objective/critical thought to something rather than just staying in zombie mode and "thinking" about it in whatever way we are "told".
    The psychological elements behind all the gore and violence is why I stopped watching the Hostel franchise after Part II, and why I still to this day cannot bring myself to watch the Purge films (I saw the ending of the first film including the end credits and that alone pretty much confirmed my suspicions). I even could not bring myself to continue watching The Hunger Games ; conditioning children to murder each other in some twisted and coerced "competition" was too reminiscent of another film that disturbed the hell out of me – The Contenders – which came along around the time that reality TV was on the rise (I was not entirely sure if The Contenders was real or not, having been overwhelmed with so much "reality" TV).
    It's not the gore that disturbs me… it's the normalization of such violence and maximum carnage.
    Murder as competition… Legally-sanctioned murder as "maintaining some status quo"… Utter indifference to the blatant and senseless slaughter of innocents and children (and animals too, of course)…
    That's too much for me…
    I do not get physically ill or suffer any major trauma like seizures or nightmares (save for the odd bizarre dream), but I guess I do get "traumatized" a little in that I literally lose sleep and walk around with a heavy feeling of impending doom in the back of my mind for several days. In most cases, the worst of it only lasts until I get that first night's "sleep"… the next day, the heavy feeling lessens considerably, but still invokes a little twinge of dread anytime what I saw in a movie is suddenly pushed forth to the front of my mind. It's weird, but I would consider myself one of the most resilient people to witnessing trauma and horror… in movies or even real life. What little I've seen with my own eyes, my informed imagination is able to fill in the blanks and "prepare" me for any time I may actually see a lot more and a lot worse, in or out of film.

    I thought for sure, 1973's The Exorcist would have made the list, or at least got honorable mention… that film sent many a movie-goer fleeing the cinema, slipping in their own puke…

  8. I watched Revenge. Meh at best. Too exaggerated. The people getting such reactions to these movies must be real snowflakes.

  9. Dylan Macdow on

    Okay, but I stepped on a giant piece of glass that went up 4 inches and had to pull it out. ( I almost died)

  10. You guys should make a playlist of videos that are only hosted by Lucy, you’re all great but Dark Queen Lucy is inarguably the Supreme

  11. I puked and ran out of the cinema after I was forced to see the singalong version of the Sound of Music…🤢🤢🤢🤢

  12. mememefinally on

    I do not understand what is so awful about Raw. I watched it and had high expectations, but th story was just silly, and I was not disgusted or distrubed at any point. Any mainstream zombie movie has worse scenes of cannibalism.

  13. don't worrie Lucy I love your videos I think your the best host in my opinion you and Jack you guys rock love the vids

  14. All Colors Are Entombed In Black on

    Cattle Decapitation – Forced Gender Reassignment.
    The scariest, most disturbing music video ever.

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