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  1. Psycho is so meh , I’d watch it to help me fall asleep 🙄😄 btw where is the evil dead remake? It’s brilliant and actually scary

  2. All of you need to see horror movies in other languages, the world is bigger, you know? There are masterpieces of horror genre in Japanese and Spanish as Dark Water and Rec

  3. Candice Monique on

    Silence Of The Lambs is one of my favorite movies. I use movies as white noise while moving around my house. SOTL is top 5 go-to movies.

  4. Anthony Ogletree on

    Name should be changed to "Scariest U.S. Horror Films." No Japanese or Italian films means the list is instantly flawed.

  5. Unpopular opinion … I didn’t really like hereditary. I can appreciate it , just didn’t enjoy it as much as others seem to . That being said Toni colletes performance truly shook me and she should’ve been nominated for an Oscar for the grief scene alone !

  6. ryan robertson on

    For me, strangers is the scariest.

    "Because you were home" is the most terrifying answer to the question "why are you doing this?"

  7. unknownn jay on

    Can someone please pmo to a actual scary movie I don’t want to laugh I wanna be scared the last movie that scared me was heredity and I watched that years ago I’ve been watching scary movies since then and none of them scared me please send help

  8. Juan Morales on

    No matter what. The original Japanese versions of the grudge called Juon and the first American remake will always be the scariest movies to me I always get scared I'm gonna see kayako in my hallway. It's always silent and empty with no windows on mailboxes and the doors

  9. Simon Gagnon on

    There are 2 horror movies that gives me chills and scares me ecerytime i watch them
    1- the original EVIL DEAD… it is first horror movie that i watched from start to finish…
    2- EVENT HORIZON… this movie sits amongst my top 5 favorites movies of all time…

  10. Sphynx Muniz on

    My top 10 list of horror movies
    1. The Thing
    2. The Silence of the lambs
    3. Evil dead 2
    4. It (original)
    5. The Texas chainsaw massacre
    6. Scream
    7. The people under the stairs
    8. Halloween
    9. The shining
    10. Jaws

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