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  1. Trust nuthin man on

    The exorcist was nothing..all these claims about people passing out,heart attacks,puking ??that’s crap 💩 I went to see it at 15 years old because I looked at least 20 but most I got was startled when it was quiet then something jumped out other than that I thought was cheesy makeup for the time was pretty good..but I found bloopers in it..and nothing extreme..because it wasn’t realistic but it was a good movie at the same time..I don’t regret seeing it..but nothing like all the hype suggests if so ?i didn’t see it!!

  2. I think with the way the world is today … what’s wrong with cinema making a really messed up horror movie . Like we don’t see enough horror on the news every day and they don’t ban that lol

  3. 3:15 I find it funny that this movie was hard to watch cause of the blood and gore and it was distributed by The Jerry GROSS Organization.

  4. shtupurgnamakit on

    I don't get unsettled too easy but The House That Jack Built was a really disturbing movie and it bothered me for a while after.

  5. Samuel Centamore on

    Great movies only get banned because you have sissies in charge of them. People who are weak minded and are easily influenced it affected by them. They're just movies though.

  6. Marelle Laverty on

    I don't know why they Banned these movies these are classics horror, better than the remake crap there spitting out today

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