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  1. Eduardo Rodrigues on

    #1 Parasite……
    Just because it won an oscar…..
    How predictable……
    This rank, despite having some amazing korean movies…… is crap and mainstream.

  2. Parasite is cinematically beautiful but not upto mark with top movies.. From korea
    Watch 2046 , Sympathy for Mr vengeance, Fallen angels, etc so many more… I don't want to type bye #peace

  3. My favorite on this list is Chaser. It’s pretty brutal film. Bong Joon Ho also made a campy monster film called The Host which I loved. There is an older film ccalled Save the Green Planet which is one of my favorite Korean films; it’s a bit cult favorite sort of thing, but I recommend

  4. Arturo Porto Seoane on

    i really loved the chaser , but where is the wailing???? in my opinion one of the best thrillers i´ve ever seen

  5. Can anyone help me find a movie, where mc is a detective, whose wife left him after being raped. A few years past and she has his daughter, but one day after spending time with her daughter, the wife and daughter are killed in a public two thugs. The husband figures out it’s his wife and kid, also he figures out that she was raped first then killed. After seeing the news, he takes justice into his own hands and instead of catching the bad guys, he kills them.

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