1. FINALLY someone put Fiery Priest on their list!! I watched this drama twice and wouldn't mind watching it again. I couldn't stomach Iris or Descendants Of The Sun because of the sappy romance. I seriously can't stand sappy romance dramas. I know Vegabond and the K2 is on EVERYBODY'S list but thank you for having something different. There's more out there but again, thanks for the list.

  2. Shally Entertainment on

    "Fiery Priest" and "Taxi Driver" were part of the List, but I had to Cut both out due To Copyright Claims, So make Sure to check both out, You will absolutely Love them.

  3. You forgot Lawless Lawyer. Although I did like The Veil, Lawless Lawyer is overall better, the storytelling is better and the drama feels more realistic.

  4. Why TF every one suggesting vagabond. That shit is incomplete and there is no update for season 2 even after 2 years. Don't know it has a season 2 planned or not. Plas don't watch VAGABOND. Otherwise you end up like me frustrating every time you remember it.

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