1. Seeing the blu ray of possession in the background made me thing it was in the list 😂 amazing film that is defently in my top 10

  2. A lot of people dislike elevated horror the same way they complain about A24 “horror can only be Jason and the thing!” As if horror can’t also have elements of drama and human psychological horror cough Jacob’s Ladder cough

  3. Ashanti Berry on

    Great list, I love a majority of these huge mentioned except for the lodge 😭 I don’t know what it is I’m just not a big fan of that movie.

  4. The term elevated horror was literally invented for The VVitch which is the best horror film the last decade bar none. Scream is not even elevated horror, it's just self-aware.

    Your choices are all solid but how on earth is Possessor an honorable mention? Hated US but its elevated horror no doubt. I'll add a few others IMO:

    – The Babadook
    – A Dark Song
    – Triangle
    – The Empty Man
    – Lifechanger
    – The Lighthouse
    – Kill List
    – Oculus
    – Excision
    – Hunter Hunter

  5. Oh, good news. I will be setting up a support hotline for those that are offended by the term “elevated horror”. Hang in there.

  6. Brendan Bressler on

    Rosemary's Baby is the only horror movie that gave me a nightmare. A true masterpiece. As is The Shining. Hereditary is the best horror film since 2000 IMO. I still can't believe Toni Collette wasn't nominated for an Oscar for that movie.

  7. Brandon the Beldam on

    Would you open the floodgates of an Elevated horror topic discussion on your next DD live or have you said your piece? I think it would be an interesting companion to the “Do I have bad taste in films” discussion.

  8. Great video I got a suggestion 10 best weapons in horror like Michael's butcher knife or Jason's machete

  9. Cheryl Abbott on

    Me and my husband did not like It Follows at all but would never get pissed at people who did like it. We'd have a friendly discussion about it like people should do!

  10. idk i’m not a big fan of elevated horror. I think midsommar was the only one i liked and it was because of florence’s acting. The movie as a whole thought was too gross and messed up for me to ever watch it again haha.

  11. It's kind of weird to have 2 names for one genre whether you want to go with the original term of psychological horror or the new gen term of elevated horror, I'm sure was we get a new slasher boom there going to be a new term for slasher movies as well

  12. I liked It Follows the first time I saw it. I loved that you weren’t sure what time it was taking place. The kids weren’t on there phones. It was a breathe of fresh air for me.

  13. Hi, Lee. This was a great video. I love 'elevated' horror movies. Some fantastic titles on this list. Have u seen the Icelandic film 'Lamb' with Noomi Rapace ? And that's a frickin awesome t-shirt, dude. Keep the faith, brother … 🤘

  14. Gabe Luvs Makeup on

    This is such a great list Lee!! I haven’t seen one or two of these movies!! You always introduce to me, some amazing stuff😊

  15. Moses Monclova on

    Quick question Lee, is it possible to consider moves like the the Conjuring, Insidious, Midsommar etc… elevated horror movies? And if so where would you put them in your ranking?

  16. On the money, Drumdums. All of these are awesome. I always forget how great The Killing of a Sacred Deer is, I need to re-do that one stat. Also, I'll add Autopsy of Jane Doe (I did a re-watch this past weekend), that movie is definitely 'leveled up'. x

  17. Davey Sippel on

    First time I've ever heard Rosemary's Baby described as a "warm blanket". I love the movie, and even more the novel, both are pretty much perfect, just never thought of it as a warm blanket, and man, I love me a nice warm blanket, so yeah, now I absolutely get it, thanks!

  18. thepumpkinking13 on

    I wouldn't necessarily say I enjoy "It Follows" from a general movie-watching viewpoint, but I have no problem saying it's one of the scariest movies I've seen. I respect it for that.
    If you can count "Autopsy of Jane Doe" as elevated, then that would be my top choice.

  19. DiamondVibes27 on

    Another great video, my top 5 elevated horror would be
    1. Get Out
    2. Candyman (1992)
    3. The Shining
    4. Midsommar
    5. The Lighthouse

  20. Shane Seidel on

    Lee, watched The Lodge the other night and I highly recommend it. It's dark, upsetting at times and tense. The snowy atmosphere only adds to the suspense.

  21. michael sweenie on

    One of THE BEST Jump scares I have ever seen is in a small movie I loved called "After Midnight "

  22. TheBadassNinja on

    The next top 10 you should do is top 10 movies that needs a 4k release. There is a site where you can see what movies that are released in 4k. And you will be shocked how many great classics and beloved movies that are not in 4k like the original Terminator.

  23. 7:35 You're spot on about the Barry Keoghan/Paul Dano comparison. Idk how to explain it other than that they're both incredible actors but it almost looks effortless and their performances always feel really raw as opposed to other actors where sometimes you can kinda see them thinking through the performance, if that makes any sense. Keoghan and Dano just come off as very natural.

  24. If I cared I would suggest "Self-aware" might work for a name too to replace elevated but I am not butt hurt over it

  25. Oldskoolhunter on

    Great top ten DD!

    My top ten that I consider elevated in horror:

    1. Hereditary
    2018 (every time I watch this I'm bothered by it)
    2. The Appointment 1981 (this movie makes me soo uncomfortable)
    3. Night of the Devils 1972 (seeking help, memory lost, one of the sadness twists ever)
    4. A Cold Night’s Death 1973 (feeling trapped and dread, the atmosphere kills me)
    5. Who Can Kill a Child? 1976 (all about dilemma)
    6. Fever Dream 2021 (so many subject matters, it is done well and so effected)

    7. The Lodge
    2019 (build up and out come)

    8. Sinister

  26. That 80's Pastor Dude on

    I am opening up myself to attack but I'm at the point where I now prefer the Suspiria remake to the original. Oh yeah, I don't like It Follows at all.

  27. Big B Tamnend on

    Not crazy about the term "elevated"…. rich, well shot, unique storylines, believable characters, a vision realized thru tension, mis-direction, brutality or "creep factor" …. just GOOD HORROR. Couldn't agree more about many of your picks, Lee! It Follows/The Witch/Hereditary/ The original Suspiria/Killing Of A Sacred Deer…. some of my favs!!!

  28. It follows was a great film I'd give it a 7/10 I can understand either side of the argument but I thought the final act was so lame and kinda soured a tiny bit how great the rest of the film was

  29. Suspiria 2018 is such an underappreciated film. It's an absolute treasure trove of nuance and subtext – layer after beautiful layer of it. Thanks for at least mentioning this film, and considering it – it's due some praise.

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