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  1. Hereditary was definitely one of the greatest horror films of this decade. It was beautifully done. I don’t agree with cabin in the woods being on the list. I really disliked that movie.

  2. Please Never Go Full Retard, Never. Now You Can Stop Looking At My Username. My Work Here Is Done on

    the cabin in the woods??? it was so bad

  3. Puppetville- Beth O'Brien on

    Thanks for the Get Out recommendation!- spot on, I somehow had missed this one, but this is why I use you time and again. Thanks!

  4. Midsommer was an excellent horror movie and in broad daylight, That made it even more terrifying. When the viewer finally realizes that this cult is not some benevolent humans but some crazy Nordic viking death cult Its all too late…..

  5. Joey B Return SZN on

    1) Happy Death Day making this list is laughable.
    2) Cabin In The Woods is closer to being like Scream than Happy Death Day is.
    3) A Quiet Place and The Conjuring over The Witch? Sheesh.
    4) Sinister should have been included imo. Genuinely one of the most terrifying film soundtracks.

    Rough list, guys.

  6. I Just watched The Babadook and I find it such a bad and boring movie! Def. not a top 10!
    The editing is crap, there is almost no storytelling, we almost never get to see the monster. Are people so easily scared or content
    with horror movies these days? Like Hereditary. I thought, wtf did I just watched but not in a positive way

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