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  1. Hello horror fans, I need some help. I am trying to find the name of this movie – group of people were going camping and some demon possesed one girl that they met there when they had some ritual in some room, and so on the demon killed one by one and at the end a loop was the plot twist, as the parking lot was burning the last girl remaining saw her and the crew driving and stoping at the light, and at the same time the crew saw that girl and thought she was some drunk lady having the time of her life, but it was her all along and it is a time loop. If you know the title of the movie because I am trying to find it for years because I watched it once and forgot the name. Thank you all.

  2. IceWallowCome on

    A quiet place 2 was disappointing tbh. We waited a while for it and nothing really new happened in the sequal. They didn't make progress and overall it just felt like a weaker version of the first movie (which I loved).

  3. Devoticus Kayeticus on

    Extremely disappointed at all the desensitized horror dummies that suggested psycho gorman. Its not scary its a horror/comedy/thriller. Were looking for shit that is scary not just bloody for no reason with the vibes of horror

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