1. I took some pre workout drink in like 2011 and on the way to the gym I had to go to the hospital. I didn’t have a heart attack holy shit but it damn near felt like it lmao

  2. Sebastian Black-Draconus on

    We've been over this with the cinnamon challenge.. putting dry, dusty powder directly into your mouth is a great way to inhale said powder and choke. THATS WHY THEY DESIGNED IT TO BE MIXED IN LIQUID. Who ever came up with this latest dry powder in the mouth thing is an idiot.

  3. Ok, so most people if they mix their pre with water drink it within a chug.
    If you dome it what's the difference.
    The amount of water you have in your mouth? Lol

  4. — "A Tiktoker chugged 8 scoops of preworkout and this is what happened to his brain"

    Pewds: Nothing, it already melted. He's a Tiktoker.

  5. Grilled cheese on

    The tingling sensation actually occurs because they help your amino acid or whatever which is suppose to be good for you. But dry scooping is just trick or treating on death's doorstep at christmas.

  6. bruh ive been dry scooping for years as long as u drink abit of water at the same time and dont over consume you are good

  7. every news journal or anything like that, when they say "experts" they always, ALWAYS mean some random guy that has nothing to do with it but is pretty sure thats how it must be so we just write experts, so everyone believes even if it isnt right xD, accually kinda fucked up

  8. Midnight Hobbyt on

    Holy fuck. Can't believe you featured chubbyemu on your channel. It's my most favorite YouTuber/Doctor

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