1. As hilarious as his videos are, the self defense pen one was 100% accurate. Those things dont look like much, but they hurt like a motherfucker

  2. People should do this with a paintball gun to see where they get shot and if they move the gun before they shoot, but you know, wearing stuff where it won't hurt because that would be super painful

  3. Umm.. I'm just gonna let you know.. if you take a metal pin and jam into my hand, I ain't grabbing hold of you anymore…

    And Felix obviously knows nothing about firearms, lol

  4. Тоесть ты просто обсираешь других совместно с какими-то уродами и у тебя 111 миллионов подписчико?Серьёзно?

  5. I've played baseball since I was 5 all the way to high school. It does indeed do that if something were to get into your way. Inertia exists after all.

  6. PewDiePie, I'm a certified instructor and I'll teach you how to shoot a gun. Also, in my experience, most people without some form of legitimate training couldn't hit a man sized target at 10 yards with a pistol, not on purpose anyways.

  7. Nikkoli Samonte on

    as ken said at 1:19 -ish, by him grabbing the slide of the gun he actually did nothing as he caught the slide going backwards from the blowback of a shot already being fired off. So in simple terms, in theory and gun mechanics he would've been shot already and its just him catching the slide.

  8. ChaddicusMaximusDestroyerOfFeminazis&Incels on

    Imagine dude at home making his wife play an unwilling role as he formulates his “survivability techniques”

  9. When I seen the kids one OMG, you have a better chance at pulling off a fucking Buster Wolf than you do any of these.

  10. marcantallita on

    Bruh I know all YouTubers using those headphones with cat ears most find it ridiculous. 😅 But the money most be good 💰 so.. Wow love this pink cat ears

  11. Si Harimau Ganteng on

    tbh the first video is like suicide ngl the trigger is pulled that mean its just shooting and the "hammer" go back because its need a new bullet to shoot "hammer" it doesent mean not shooting but taking new bullet. its real

    edit: just see the "how pistol work"

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