1. 4:01 this is why I love pewdiepie. He is nothing but an innocent child trapped in an adult ripped and lean body with a humongus pp.

  2. Light (1000 subscribers without videos challenge) on

    I love how Felix is more concerned with the computer disappearing than a giant ominous-looking entity disappeared from the spot.

  3. 80's Snorklover on

    Damn man, it's been a long while since we ever seen PewDiePie react to a scary game and I am so glad he finally got the chance to play Poppy's playtime, this video will totally bring you back.

  4. Felix:
    Goes to electric room to fix the electricity…..leaving his computer near huggy wuggy….

    Comes back….and panics on the disappearance of his computer ….rather than panicking on the disappearance of giant blue monster with glossy lipstick on his creepy face

  5. You should not support this game!
    they plagiarized from another game called venge
    And venges developer was cyberbullied by the creators of poppy playtime

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