1. "Actually the xyv came up with the atom before."
    Never said they were first, Its an example to show how they were using science as a viewpoint of their philosophy.

  2. Just started reading How To Be Epicurean. You got me interested in philosophy Felix, so thank you, it's really useful knowledge.

  3. neil patrick harris the time traveler thinks he kill me if he stalks me he thinks when i get older ill want to havesexw him ew himym is propagandaa to support adoption ageny scams

  4. PewDiePie Brofist on

    This really be one of those videos I can just put on in the background because it's interesting and I enjoy it, but I have no idea what I'm listening to😂

  5. Biggest professors in world say they same – beginning with the ancient Greeks (not the same as the country) but lots of islands that competed without destroying each other but curiously more. I know you did doomsday calculations. Steven Pinker (one giant) have written a book to explain Bayes thinking coincidence…

  6. Winddragon Lundholm on

    I really love this videos about philosophy with you. It feels like i get to hang out with Felix. Så därför uppskattar och älskar jag dig för så himla mycket för dem här videorna<3

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