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  1. People That Call More Than Often on

    I bought an ultimate creator spot and BBB is going to improve my singing for the Mythical 🙂

  2. helmet the cat on

    improved your title
    These Characters Are BREAKING YouTube Animation (But That's Just A Theory, A FILM Theory)

  3. Mandy (the grim adventures) on

    i love this show, maybe i'll watch it!

    shows hand holding a sign saying "i hate this show!" on it

  4. FriskyFeline on

    You know, it would be nice to oh I don't know… give other animated content creators like ourselves some love too?

  5. go watch it right now. the vaguely engendered asexual married couple. they deal with literally everything they cover well. they manage to cover grief and stress hallucinations within it all.

  6. oh this explains why there are suddenly several people replying to my years old comments under some of their videos
    im thankful to be reminded of tux and fanny i wouldnt have known that there was more to come

  7. Hồ Quốc Dự on

    When I see this animation that make me long-last ruin their sensitive mechanism of my ears…

  8. Наталия Филимонова on

    These shorts are super underrated. I especially liked the scene where Fanny got stuck in a computer and Tux's little chicken in the chest

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