1. Today was the day I realised humans managed to create a way of destroying all life on earth before they managed to standardise ear cleaning…ffs🤦‍♂️

  2. 16:08 Canada has this same law. Section 176 of the criminal code. It goes even further. It is illegal to arrest /attempt to arrest, obstruct /attempt to obstruct an officiating clergymen on their way to, during or coming from the performance of their duties. It also states that anyone disrupting the order and solemnity of the service is in violation.

  3. I used to live in the mountains in a canyon, and there were signs saying no cyclists allowed, and all up the road to my house, were signs saying how many cyclists died on the road….. didn't stop them anyway from riding on a road up against the mountain with loads of blind spots and not enough room for more then one car 😐 any time I looked out my window there was cyclists going up and down the road. Would some times hear them screaming at cars going by. 100% worse people on this planet 🙂

  4. I was born and raise in Mississippi…Also cinnamontoastken “Mississippi is number one in everything bad” 😂😂😂😂😂

  5. had to try the florida man challenge wtf ''Florida man claiming to be Alice in Wonderland says 'hookah-smoking caterpillar' told him to destroy liquor store with forklift'' xD go florida

  6. Here in Maryland tank tops are like 90% of the shirts we wear, it's not uncommon to see people wearing them even during cold months lolol so I'm surprised that's our weird law

  7. mason dougherty on

    I Googled some of these laws and I'm sad (but also happy) to say that at least some of them are just rumors spread around for fun

  8. Modern Day Rhiannon on

    So, years ago, my female counterpart to my procreation and I were driving and the recyclists that thought that they were king shit, when yearly ran them over and she got super pissed because the right side of her car hit the bad side of his cycle and apparently it scratched the car but I doubt it. I wouldn’t know anyway, I can’t see but either way, all those people I think are the shit, think they can do whatever they want.
    I’m not blind, it’s just a visual impairment that’s all. I can still see what they’re doing. Little bastards.

  9. In South Carolina, we have a few strange laws. Our weirdest is probably the one where a man is legally allowed to beat a woman on the courthouse stairs, as long as it's a Sunday.

  10. Here's my personal favorite law here in the UK:
    The Salmon Act 1986 states that "You will be punished for handling salmon (or other fish) in suspicious circumstances."
    Also my "Florida man challenge" came up with "Florida Man Chews Up Police Car Seat After Cocaine Arrest"

  11. some channel on

    love how pewds is swedish, but if he lived in sweden rn he would definitely be considered the neighborhood weirdo

  12. The Waifu Laifu on

    florida man challange for me: Aug 28

    A topless man was out for a stroll with his goat while it was raining.

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