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  2. Well at least the song at the end SHE’S ON FIRE 🔥 was worth watching the movie !

  3. Daft but love seeing a baddies getting his just desserts 🙂
    Alfie Moon as a brutal pimp was a tad hard to believe lol.
    Enjoyed it, Thank you x!x

  4. Hollywicked don't keep tryin to bring your master satan into Jesus' world you and that thang is way out of His league. Smooches

  5. Salut à tous et toutes et merci à ceux qui diffusent ces vidéos
    Le sombre reflet de la terreur existe en la pénombre d'un recoin , ne défiant nullement les ténèbres parceque celles ci font parties de nos pires cauchemars , faisant de ce fait rejaillir les pires monstruosités de notre esprit……C'est ce que l'on pourrait croire mais la réalité démontre le contraire ; certains montres nés et fait de chair sont déjà ici et prés à nous dévorer.


  6. More effective than the police…in the city…the priest won't have time to sleep one single minute. Thanks for the sharing.

  7. Kathryn Copley on

    Lol I really enjoyed this film, made me chuckle but the storyline and acting were great 👍🏻 Thanks for the download x

  8. Noble Hill,Minister & Prophet on

    If pretty female knock yo door its time yo run pastor.been there done that.What ever you don’t sniff the cuchie!!

  9. Not bad for a 2011 movie..Rutger Hauer is a great actor. Watch Lady Hawk another awesome movie he is in 👍

  10. Giulia Gatti on

    Bello. . Non capisco c è scritto film in italiano con sottotitoli in italiano. Poi è in inglese. Boooooo. Grazie.

  11. Susan Scottish lass on

    For us in the uk. What on earth Alfie Moon was a pimp. I’ve always thought Shane Richie was cute. Xx

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