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  1. Kathyren Ansiling on

    Omg what kind of orphanage is this 😡all staff is weird except Judy this movie make me nervous a lot 😂😂😂👍👍👍

  2. Mollie-Kaye Princess on

    I’m about to sleep and I watched this hood I don’t have a nightmare of me with bad orphanage kids and adults

  3. Don't think that this couldn't happen anywhere a child has no say n.evil people could do this to children. Every instation should also be invested always on every patient

  4. I almost turned this of a few times way to disturbing then I looked at the comments and it said the loonatics got found out Lee Hambleton from Sheffield

  5. every tear an orphan, widow/er, poor child spilled, is wrath upon those who cause it. just remembered these words from a wise woman. this is so tormenting to a child.

  6. Seen this before. Score : 9/10
    More of a psychological thriller…
    Although the ending I was surprised the good "Doctor" didn't get shot first! LOL
    Brilliant film!

  7. This may not be a true story but I am sure this cruelty exists in orphanages and everywhere else that the vulnerable are in this day and age we are in today. It's pretty scary to imagine others being treated this way. And then we wonder why there are people out In society that do not fit in. They probably dealt with something. I'm not saying all did but some surely did.
    My mum would always tell me about how the nuns in the schools in her time would beat children. They were overly strict and horrible. I wonder,is this what God wanted of them. What about some priests? The very few people you imagine to be pure is actually the sickest of them all.

  8. What happened to Tommy? Was he murdered? Was he rendered with brain damage. Was he just blinded in one eye or both? No other folk in B ward were blinded? Emotionally draining film

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