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    The lesson is , don't try to overdoes because you'll be trapped inside a nightmare with the evil version of your grandma.

  2. Press people Mayor Salvame Vicesoc JuvyMendoza Vp Robledo judge austria america Europe …….These buoenriqueta tibayan nanoaiza toyang are troublemakers because they're landgrabbers that's why I'm scolding them oftentimes here at san agustin !!!! Arrest them put them in jail for landgrabbing harrassment and food poisoning and death threats frogs snake alligator mosquitoes spiders etc and troublemaking also destruction of property theyre destroying my cottage !!!! they're attacking here at my cottage from gf of Benigno ILagan II Janet Mendoza freedom of the press godattest ibaba cottage san agustin ibaan batangas Philippines victim of basher Landgrabber neighbors and obstruction of justice brgy officials purging

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