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  1. Courtney McGowan on

    Quietly I wasn't too interested in the topic and didn't expect much but this ended up being one of my favorite Beyond the Scenes episodes.

  2. Dude said if you only watch horror you need to see a specialist. Lol. I have to watch at least 2 – 3 before I can fall asleep every night. I find them very relaxing. I think most of them are garbage, the only one that actually game me pause was the Exorcist, back in 1974, and I will never watch that again.

  3. diaphanouswaffle on

    Great series/podcast, Roy is a fantastic & engaging host-and I enjoyed this particular topic & panel as well-thank you Daily Show for making this content 🙂

  4. My dad had 2 best friends growing up. One became the first Black mayor in Indiana, the other became Blackula. Maybe it's because they're the first generation to come of age in the new "talkies" movie era, but I recall that all three men spoke in rounded, almost Shakespearian tones. Fantastic discussion, y'all!

  5. Horror. we could step it up a notch or 2. Black Horror is kinda cute still…
    But what I wanna see is an all black cast and direction Movie about Egypt Historically accurate Mythology meets Adventure/ Mystery /Science Fiction/ infotainment.

  6. Please find a way to do something like "Mystery Science Theater 3000" but for black movies. You all would nail it… I was 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 when you did the clip at the end with Samuel Jackdon.

  7. Interestingly, Vin Diesel in the first Pitch Black movie was the hero. I had no idea who he was but I saw a black man live to the end of the movie and be the hero. I thought to myself the director couldn't be white and found out he is Asian. It's sad though, Vin Diesel inspite of having a full afro with black features as a child he claims to be of ambiguous decent. But he looks like a light skinned black man. Ijs.

  8. His House was pretty interesting for showing the complexity of the refugee experience and sort of survivor’s guilt. Not simply a story about racism but relevant to race in a way that’s not told on screen as much.

  9. These Beyond the Scenes conversations are amazing! And Roy thank you for the amazing Samuel L Jackson impersonation! That’s the scene that came to my mind and that was great to see at the end!

  10. Can't stand horror films, but I couldn't pass on watching BTS. Roy came through with one of the best episodes ever, and to think I nearly missed it. Always trust Roy. ❤

  11. Tim aka Diabolikal Dragon on

    I at least would've mentioned Petey Wheatstraw: The Devils Son in Law with Rudy Ray Moore also in 6th grade or maybe even People under the Stairs which I saw in 6th grade and loved. The funniest death I was thinking Friday the 13th I think was part 5 A New Begining when the black rock star dude gets killed in the outhouse.

  12. The People Under the Stairs is a horror movie that I only saw once, but just remembered LOVING IT. I remember thinking how different and cool it was that the family was black.

  13. atypical NY'er on

    I was like 5yrs old and somebody thought it would be a great idea to hang an all-Black Darth Vader kite over my bed so that each night I could wake up and see him staring down at me. Now I dress in all-Black

  14. My computer was a little slow to get out of full screen so Roy's picture in the staff shot at the end where he's got a shocked face was even better with his confession that horror isn't his thing

  15. One thing I noticed over the years in horror movies that I didn't hear mentioned. Many that have the black characters die off, have them taking the lead and not handling the pressure well at some point. This then leads to them and often others dying off.
    This sends a message that these characters cant handle leadership, or decision making under pressure.
    When it happens over and over, it creates a stereotype. This sends the message that it isn't just the characters, but the ppl represented that can't handle this stuff.

    I love that this has been changing over recent years. I look forward to more movies and shows where there is an equality in who will do what. It broadens the experience when the audience is not able to use any preconceived idea of what kind of person each character will actually be.

  16. Manu Ginobilis Bald Spot on

    If there's a Mount Rushmore of Black horror movie characters, who would y'all have? I'd probably go with Ben from Night of the Living Dead (I know he dies, but first star…survives the ZOMBIES…RIP Duane Jones), Rodger (AKA THE GAWD) from the always overlooked Night of the Demons, Ronny from Halloween H20 (LL Cool J), and of course, Chris from Get Out.

  17. I was 10 years old, Roy, and saw Gremlins with my FRIEND JP. I got the Gizmo plush doll though. I f'n loved that toy.

  18. I like the different views of the different generations being heard and respected, no one talking over each other, giving each participant time to gather their taughts and sharing them to the best of their ability and no one responding to their views in a condescending tone. Thats the world I love to see moving forward. The icing on the cake is the narrative that mass media and soical media would have you believe that it's a unicorn moment; black people enjoying each others company women and men. We do get along with each other, don't believe others' narrative of our relationship with each other. Respect is earn not automatically given. I love horror movies because that's what my dad would watch when I was little, so to be closer to him I would watch them too, with my pillow, lol. Now, I go back a watch some of those same movies and laugh at them, like Jason and Friday the 13th, but I am still a little jarred in watching those moives like Amityvillle, the Exocist and the Omen maybe because of their religious undertones. And like Roy, when I was little I use to see spirits too and I don't see them as an adult but I can go to place and be around people and feel negative and/or postive energy. Like Ashton stated we tend to run away from bad things or stituations that don't seem or feel right.

  19. Melissa Archie on

    I can’t begin to explain how much I appreciate the commentary in the last 10 minutes of this on supporting and opening doors for us to do this thing. Kudos to these amazing creatives. I feel so proud!

  20. Um as soon as someone says they are not a fan of horror…and then proceed to give me a lecture on horror….they whole opinion is void.

  21. Night of the Living Dead had a Blackman as the lone survivor’ish. He died when a sherif shot him in the head believing he was a zombie.

  22. My mom introduced me to horror movies early in life and I can say I probably have watched hundreds of them. I love the genre.

  23. Why didn't anyone mention Chris Rock in AI.. he was a robot and they blew his head off for literally no reason. Tragic.

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