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  1. Homer Simpleton on

    I've been binging on 2021 horror movie reviews (trying to figure out what to watch) and this is the best one so far. Thanks.

  2. These movies may be scary to someone that don't watch many horror movies but to the seasoned horror movie critic they're not scary at all

  3. I wanted to see the conjuring the devil made me do it in cinemas, but I couldn't. Saw it yesterday though it didn't let me down. I love all the conjuring movies

  4. Bhavani Reddy Boosa on

    1. Halloween kills
    2. Come true
    3. Candy man
    4. Ware wolves within
    5. Blood red sky
    6. Malignant
    7. Antlers
    8. The night house
    9. The conjuring
    10. A quiet place part 2

  5. There is no fucking way people are calling blood red sky good. Goofiest fucking movie I've ever seen, I'd actually rather eat a filet o fish from McDonalds.

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