1. M e K u D u - man on

    Same thing happened to me, but all of it hapoened in real time when I was there and it was my mom…

  2. This happened to me when I was like 10 but it was the other way around. My dad used firefox and didn't delete his history, so I saw these big boxes of prn on the front page. He blamed it on me for downloading a virus, I downloaded skype.

  3. Mateus Walecheski on

    This whole comment section makes me feel angry at the past. A lot of people are saying their parents or partners would get really mad if they found their porn, which thinking about nowadays, at least for me, just feels insane. I feel like for most pople in the younger generations, like 30 or less, the idea of scolding their child for looking at porn or of their romantic partners feeling like they have the right to prohibit them from looking at porn is just nonsensical and stupid, which is a change in thinking that I'm glad happened in recent times.
    I do think there's an argument to be had about parents prohibiting their children from watching porn, as porn can be damaging to many aspects of one's life and is very addictive, but for the most part, specially considering how you guys are saying your parents would handle, or misshandle dare I say, the situation, It all just makes me feel angry at this aspect of the past.

  4. The Printer story, Oh Nej 👀 & the thumbnail (Kekw) Pewds has an incredible father. I've heard folks that have gotten 💥 for such an act, others 'didn't' get confronted/caught & a few got a similar response as Pewds. My Bros are chill, but extremely protective, it could go either or. Humourous storytime, Keep it up Man 😎 👊

    1:20 💥 (KEKW)

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