1. 4 days till the Sabbath
    22 Feb. 2022
    Ames, IA. USA

    • A burial place next to a church is not called a cemetary.
    •It is call a graveyard.
    •A commentary is not next to a church.
    •A city cementary.
    •A church graveyard.


  2. Nicely done but the rewind films kinda get on my nerves, even though in this film the rewind wasn’t a total copy of the first event.

  3. rose lucky. she got a second chance to repent. rose meet Christine who was not lucky in movie "drag m- to hell." sneaky Christine didn't get lucky.

  4. Manny Lozano-Damm on

    Low budget movie I guess 10,000,00 maybe 15. Bad actors first time on screen, a corn field and old house.
    that's not much, script, my jougest son would have writen better.
    Good luck to this actor and actresess in today's world 2022. Keep on trying !! you will achive your goal.

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