1. Mr Happy Tommy on

    Guys the fleshlumpeater is bigger than the bloodbottler he's the leader and u sae bloodbottler could just walk in while the fleshlumpeater had to crawl in he's much bigger

  2. Rob StrickeN Feary on

    So BFG explains that dreams are like pictures in books, and if he wants to make a story out of dreams, he has to mix a few together.
    …so, is the BFG currently on crack or does he love me more or something?… because i get what i like to call "ADHD dreams".
    I have like 10 dreams in one night.
    If i see that trumpet in my window, I'm farting down it.

  3. Rob StrickeN Feary on

    The Queen is literally a psychopathic reptilian that drinks child blood.
    So it's kind of funny that she's in this movie helping children.

  4. Lucille Giddings on

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  5. _.gacha.izxy._ on

    I’m a sucker for happy endings, so naturally I prefer the ending in this movie, and the art is amazing, love the nostalgic animation ✨ wish I could of seen this when I was younger, this version has more emotion and follows the dark, wholesome and magical vibe, wish they made more stuff like this, stuff like this would be the only reason for me to want to draw, I feel so sad kids and adults prefer the crap soulless 3D animation. 2D has a nostalgic and magical vibe. I wish I was born in the late 90’s. It would be hell without tech, but I would love to spend my day seeing this type of stuff, watching stuff like this makes me feel like I’m a 6 year old child again seeing a movie in the cinemas for watching a new movie, and as a minor I’m the only one in my family who really appreciates the 2D for its feeling and style. I hate staring at a tv only to see 3D 24/7. I hope future generations appreciate 2D and start drawing it again with that beautiful nostalgic style,

  6. I always thought the ragdoll was given to Sophie by her parents before they died and Sophie told the BFG about her doll and they went back to get it. Now it does not say how Sophie's parents died either in the film or the book but I think they were eaten by one of the nasty giants, I have always thought that.

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