1. So late to see this video..we lost one of the best person out of million population.. bollywood sucks..i hope these nepo and druggies who are alive and were reason for the demise of sushant get's the hell in this from Northeast India…just subscribed after seeing this video ❤️

  2. ************** on

    He was murdered . He didnt commit suicide. 10 people he knew died within a month including him. It can't be suicide. It is said that he was about to expose trafficking mafias . People have been boycotting Bollywood after this, bollywood is almost over ..

  3. “My family told me to become an engineer, medical was reserved for my sisters”
    Why do I feel like it’s familiar, hmm…

  4. ExponentPeak481 on

    i felt the same and i couldn't talk at school as well
    rip sushant singh ranjput (sorry if i misspelt i dont watch his movies)

  5. We are fan of Sushanth and when I first saw piwdiepie I remembered him suddenly, I think it's because of 👃 😜

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