1. William Larsson on

    I saw an edit of this video randomly om Facebook, and the funny thing is that they made it faster and with quicker edits kust like they said themselves 😅

  2. Loveee being monged 🥴🥴 whilst watching these jeeze in my living room. Rest of the day on my own. Now this. =Perfect 😇

  3. Дмитрий Бойченко on

    That font helps people to watch video with out sound ( Aka at aschool – work in moments thay shouldnt watch it at all ) .Thats why kids in school wont freaking learn a shit from a class tho 😀

  4. ken used to be a manager at a walmart or cinnabon or something and quit his job so he can make videos online throwing racial slurs at koreans taking this as a deth threat and declaration of war against the koreans and the okrean govt

  5. i got abducted but he thinks i got kidnapped from an adoption agency, thinks im looking for a new adopting afmily, believes i want ot be adopted by him omg hes so ugly and so stupid i bet he cant even keep a plant alive

  6. thats why he thinks hes my dad, to tell me that he wouldnt mind being my dad like being a dad to me an asian person should be acompliment as a white man

  7. Was it intentional for the guy's headphones to look like cat's ears? And more, did he suffer a reaction to the plastic?

  8. I'm 18. Just turned 18. Ish. Pewds. Ken. Moist and beast are no doubt my favorite YouTubers. And ofc the vanoss crew:)

  9. if pewdiepies videos would be the way they joked and demonstrated during the sniperwolf segment ,honestly I wouldn't want to watch them

  10. Fluttershy 241 on

    3:42 I’ve rewatched the bit like 4 times I still can’t catch a single word they are saying 😂😂😂😭😭😭😭

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