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  1. someonefromearth on

    Basically tells you the importance of 'trust' in a relationship. Also that, you should learn to control your anger and think before doing anything.

  2. Carla Connor on

    Kamal and Gulaab Singh were absolutely hilarious. Great supporting cast. Karishma has truly arrived as a heroine with this film.

  3. Carla Connor on

    Their chemistry was so palpable especially during that kiss scene. Shocking how this is the only film they did together.

  4. Himangshu Rajkhowa on

    I watched this movie on the last day of my High School leaving examination on 1996.
    😁😁😁 26 years passed!! WOW

  5. MD Owais Ahmed on

    The cameraman is perfect 💯 how he was closing up to the actor's co-actors, dancers everybody who has been involved {the great message I have taken from this movie}

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