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  1. I swear to God…all these scam apps look the different things-same format. (Or maybe it’s only me lol). This has to stop!
    Amazing video Vin and thank you for warning us and spending time to review this app.
    You are the best

  2. @vinsane miss your old videos where you used to show us how you actually play those games in the app or do surveys. It was actually cool thosedl days remember you used to show us how you really hustled to get to the minimum cash out which always gave us some ideas on which games to actually go for on those game apps or survey appd

  3. Hello vince greetings from the US. This app looks shady as hell. It reminds me of the one it was like a Pachinko machine and then there was another ones where you spin the wheel in the balls fall in certain holes. A bunch of BS props from Connecticut my friend

  4. somethings is too good to be true normally is scam , i m a crypto faucet guy , and i do faucet and ptc 5 year already every days spend 3 -4 hour , a month i only can get $10-$20 usd this is the average range u can earn from ads, i only do ptc and faucet cos i like easy things

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