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  1. Now then, what of that brothel you say? I was really hoping to see that. Awesome movie and the best fighting scenes i've seen in a while.

  2. Thank you, Perez family and Connor Trinnear. He has always reminded me of Steve McQueen and he channels him here (even to the appearance of the old "Hog's Leg" in the end shootout!)
    Love to see him more often in the Western genre even though it's out favor with millennials. This is better than the budget allowed with great action and gunplay. A throwback to the late sixties "Adult" westerns that starred Rory Calhoun or Jock Mahoney and I appreciate that.

  3. seems ok but the continuity person needs to know that the shotgun casing should have been brass not plastic in the civil war era

  4. christina lang on

    Dad&doughter on horse looked so protectiv & adults sound – look adult mmmm its a beatiful movie with fluffy horror ✨

  5. Vanni Films on

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  6. Mike Garrens on

    I need help with a horror movie!!!
    I dont know the name but it has a scene in it where a girl is kicking ass against a bunch of big gas mask wearing dudes in a wherehouse or room….. real bloody. Shes a thin dark haired girl in a blood bath gun and kick boxing fight!! It came out around 5-10 years ago. I thought it was a movie called raw. Thx horror fans!!!

  7. Sorry kings of horror, sampled a baker's dozen of your movies and couldn't get past 4 minutes in not one of such amateurish nonsense….the guy singing to open this mess can't carry a tune….back to THC for me

  8. Aaron’s YouTube Theater on

    Wow. Usually when someone throws something at someone else in movies, they duck or move. Shocking.

  9. Rosabelle Lopez on

    Love it , the lead actor has a bit resemblance of Charles Bronson thank you that was great❤😘

  10. What a waste of time ! Dont bother ?
    Someones tampered with soundtrack – Which fades in and out constantly – And usually fades out when two of cast are talking usually about an intergal part of the movie – so you have no idea of where the movies heading ?

  11. Raymond Filyau on

    Can you imagine living in those times?!? No smog or pollution, no trash in the oceans, the sky didn't have that brown hue on the horizon when it got hot out. The bees were not going extinct. And NO CELL PHONES OR COMPUTERS running the world!! 🤔😒😔

  12. Mabel Jones Alim on

    Seriously? This old man set this convicted man free just to make him as his prey? I mean just to shoot him ? Very OA!!

  13. Glenn Livvet on

    The OBVIOUS plothole is that the protaganist could have taken Kowloon at any time & traded his freedom for killing his master.

  14. Great. But only ONE mistake. In the barn we see the lady owner of the ranch and HIM talking about the blacksmith equipment at time 56:35—> 57:41 The cameraman does a Hollywood nasty: He shoots "crossing the Line" where, in cutting between him and she is looking in the same direction. Why the director did this is a matter of either artistic creativity or stupidity.

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