1. pewds setup look sick but i think the curved screen would be so annoying trying to play a game fullscreen like what? xD unless the game is made with the black bars like movies do i dont think it would work for games xD

  2. Oh, PewDiePie, gross. Some of us don't like to praise Nazi supporters, just cause they're successful in our field ✌️

  3. The stream deck isn't just for streaming thats miss info my guy. with the stream deck i close my door, lock my door control my light etc. it should get remanded to the button deck or butDeck or something cuz "StreamDeck" is miss leading

  4. Dionisis Hotzias on

    because one guy hates it doesn't mean that is bad….he just one person that doesn't have the same taste as you….don't take anyyyy personally

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