1. Felix… let me tell u of the time I was 5-6 and decided to put my water wings (arm floaty things) ON MY LEGS lmao
    So yea big family get together at a hotel so they can meet my newborn brother and my mom and grandma go off to have some girl time and they leave my uncles watching us and mom said they looked down from the top of the hotel and just seen me upside down in the pool I’d taken my wings off and put them on my legs and at first I was floating up right and then wen they all got scared I got off balance and flipped upside down and my uncle mike dove in all dramatic to rescue me I was pissed I wasn’t allowed back in the deep pool and I was like y’all are stupid I had it I was doing a thing!

  2. The discovery of the America’s is actually super interesting and there’s a lot of debate whether it was actually Chinese sailors or Leif Erickson ( who named it Vinland) and I highly recommend the book the Year 1000 by Valerie Hansen if u want to know more, it’s a super easy read and very engaging

  3. Firstname Lastname on

    Napoleon complex: short people are angry; named after: successful genereal who was taller than average
    Oedipus complex: being horny for your mom; named after: the guy who literally carved out his own eyes and went into voluntary exile after finding out he accidentally married his mom

  4. I think Pewds got a coin spin confused for a coin flip. We all know coin flips are close to 50/50, but spinning the coin on a table is different. I think that's what they meant, anyway.

  5. Izumi Kushinada on

    Me desperately wanting gfuel but not being able to have it because it has sucralose in it and it will give me a migraine 😩

  6. Vorpal Snicker Snack on

    I'm living in a homeless shelter and one of the outreach workers actually believes in fortune cookies… I don't know whether to laugh or shit myself.

  7. I've heard so many common knowledge factoids where I've gone "I don't care if everyone believes this, there's absolutely no way it's true."
    And so often it turns out I was right after all and I'm like "you frickin' think??"

    Gaining a broad understanding of the natural laws of the universe definitely helps in identifying discrepancies.

  8. So actually the movie "Split" is about a person with multiple personality disorder.
    The character has 23 diagnosed personalities.

  9. Despite what wikipedia says, Christ was actually born on December 25th, there is a lot of misinformation on this topic which is ironic considering the claim

  10. 100% a bullet will break a shackle on a padlock. In the military in Sapprs course they teach you this method by using a rifle with a compensator that is shaped to fit the shackle and break it after firing. Lol this is truth plus if you don’t have a gun but you have a hammer you can honestly just hit one enough till it opens. All personal experience.haha

  11. padlock thing isn't true, just watch LockpickingLawyer. It definitely depends on the bullet and the lock but it is totally possible with most locks.

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