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  1. A commendable movie…I'm a woman and I can feel how much valuable is love…there is a hidden mother's love in us whether we are someone's mother or not .

  2. I ignored this movie a hundred times…then I gave it a chance and here I am…missed my coaching to complete this amazing movie.
    Every actor was brilliant!!

  3. GOD IS ONE i.e., OUR PARENTS on

    i recommanded to all of you please watch this movie … one of the best ever movie produced by bollywood ….. ❤❤🙏🙏

  4. Comments padhke movie dekhne me na kuch alag hi interesting rehta hai… Bina padhe Comments movie dekhna time waste karne jaisa hai

  5. A movie, which proves evn a ifrat can love so so immensely… Whr r we humans.. Such a masterpiece.. The biggest n most of the thing which a human can give is love n Love 💕 so so emotional.. ❤️

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