Dr. Robert Montgomery believes the best option for all nations is to work together for good of all

Dr. Robert Montgomery believes the best choice for all nations is to work collectively for good of all

Wanting far again in time, agriculture gave people the primary alternative to construct empires as a result of agriculture might help ever bigger populations. Empires introduced subjugation to hundreds of thousands of individuals by autocratic rule, one thing we proceed to wrestle towards immediately.

The world is slowly shifting past the age of empires, by the age of countries, to an age of worldwide cooperation. Sadly, President Putin of Russia is a “throw-back” to the previous as a result of he desires to construct again the empire of the Czars that later turned the territory of the Soviet Union. His purpose is to dominate as many individuals and lands as potential and achieve as a lot private wealth and energy as potential. Ukraine, with the backing of America, is testing if democracy and cooperation are the way in which of the longer term for the world or Putin’s method of empire constructing.

The Rus (ancestors of the Russians) have been initially a Norse individuals who unfold southward on the rivers of Jap Europe to the Byzantine Empire. Slavs have been additionally in Jap Europe and intermixed with the Rus. Christianity unfold within the space, and in 988 Vladimir, the ruler in Kyiv, was baptized as a part of his marriage to a Byzantine princess. Christianity continued spreading within the space. Then Kyiv and Ukraine have been overrun by the Mongol Empire in 1240 and the governing middle moved north to Novgorod after which Moscow. Ivan IV, or Ivan the Horrible, assumed energy in 1547 and established an instance of rule by terror.

Lastly, the Romanov dynasty got here to energy in 1613 and started to unfold its empire throughout Central Asia all the way in which to the Pacific Ocean. President Putin’s dream is to reestablish this empire that turned the territory of the USSR. Putin’s want to dominate and management a big space just isn’t totally different from the rulers of previous empires. His goal is to perpetuate his private energy and accumulate his private wealth, which is a corrupt and unacceptable purpose in a world that now is aware of about democracy and the rule of regulation.

Trendy nation states developed slowly on this planet and step by step changed the previous empire system. Nation states fashioned round ethnic and nationalistic identities. Many countries have been established after colonial energy receded and the populations have been capable of declare themselves a brand new state. Nationalism empowered individuals, but additionally introduced a lot struggling and elevated some autocrats.

Now we’re shifting right into a world of extra worldwide cooperation. After a protracted historical past of countries, their numerous conflicts, and colonial techniques of dominating different nations and potential nations, the world lastly produced in 1948 after two World Wars a corporation that efficiently introduced many countries collectively in a cooperative physique: the United Nations. An earlier try after World Struggle I to arrange nations had failed (the League of Nations). The United Nations just isn’t a powerful physique, but it surely has quite a few businesses and packages that profit many individuals. Quite a few cooperative our bodies now exist on this planet, such because the World Financial institution, World Commerce Group, World Well being Group, and even a World Courtroom. All of those show the rise of world cooperation rather than empires. Crucial within the face of Putin’s unprovoked invasion is the strengthening of the North Atlantic Treaty Group (NATO) to oppose him.

Total, it is very important see the current invasion of Ukraine in gentle of each Putin’s want to construct an empire as existed prior to now, but additionally the event on this planet of nation states, adopted ultimately by worldwide cooperative our bodies and the rise of democracies. Putin’s invasion is a backward step in historical past.

Autocracy continues to be current all through the world primarily based on worry fomented by energy hungry individuals. We are seeing that it’s even a menace in our personal nation. The wrestle between Ukraine and Russia’s invading pressure unexpectedly helped to make clear the distinction in values between autocracies and democracies. Complicating the distinction, nationalism will be allied with each autocracy and democracy.

Nationalism is allied with democracy in Ukraine, as earlier in our American wrestle for freedom. But nationalism will also be allied with autocracy, as earlier in Germany, then in China and North Korea. Nationalism can specific self-respect and freedom, however with out democracies, nations will fall underneath the domination of power-hungry individuals and autocratic techniques. We should proceed to help Ukraine in its valiant wrestle to protect its freedom and nationwide identification, and push again towards the empire constructing desires of President Putin.

Rev. Robert L. Montgomery, who holds a Ph.D. in social scientific research of faith, lives in Black Mountain.

This text initially appeared on Asheville Citizen Occasions: Opinion: We must push back against empire-building dreams of Putin

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