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  1. I always thought the second film was the scariest of all the Nightmare on Elm Street movies. Number three has always been my favorite to watch though.

  2. Trivia: After completing filming of A Nightmare On Elm Street 2 New Line Cinema had acquired the US rights to Dario Argento's Phenomena and brought on Jack Sholder to reedit it and changed the title to Creepers

  3. Why Are You Watching Me? on

    This one was never one of my favorites. In fact if I have a Freddy marathon I usually skip it. But the actress who played Kim? Boy, did I have a crush on her when I was a young teen!

  4. Nobody actually likes this film. They pretend to so people will think they're an ally of the gay community. It was a terrible film though, and nobody likes it if they're honest.

  5. Nightmare on Elm Street 2 was the first Nightmare movie I've seen when I was 4/5. I remember being freaked by the scenes of the main character going into basement and the eye in the mouth was so bad for me I used to grab random mirrors and check for any eyes in my mouth. id say this is my second favourite Nightmare on Elm Street, first being Nightmare on Elm Street 3

  6. i was a little kid back then when Elm Street 2 was released for VHS. THat and my parents recorded Elm Street 2 off of HBO back then and I didnt care about the hidden gay stuff in the movie. Who cares, really? its a horror movie and a good sequel

  7. I enjoy this one more for how weird it is and how it feels like your in the Freddy universe I think the 1st 3 Nightmares are the best and 1st half of part 4 is good

  8. Bofa? What’s Bofa? on

    “80s we’re close minded with sexual orientation”🤷🏽‍♂️ I mean they weren’t wrong. Look at the mess we’re in now. 🤣

  9. Always hated Part 2 but I've come to appreciate it more as an adult because of Freddy was still scary in this one. There's a lot that doesn't work though but I don't hate on it as much as I did as a teenager.

  10. It makes sense that if Freddy was looking for a protege (or just a body to possess), he'd try to manipulate that person through libido regardless of their orientation. For example, promising them that, with his power, he could get them whatever they wanted in life. Works the same way when manipulating people through bigotry (except that involves corruption of the superego rather than the id/libido). Pennywise does it too.
    6:05 Possibly an homage to 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers' (1978).

  11. people shit on this movie, but looking at it in a vacuum its a damn good movie.
    Intense, scary and Mark Patton was amazing

  12. Slaxxxer Mental Health Journey on

    Such a weird manifestation of homophobia.

    Elm street 1 subtext – sins of the parents.
    Elm street 3 subtext – permissive society & suicide.
    Elm street 2 subtext – aids & the opinions of society towards homosexuality.

    All great movies have a societal subtext that brings into subtle yet sharp focus a taboo within society & the cerebral first three Elm Street movies did this fantastically & boldly.

    Homosexuality is real, homophobia is real & Freddys Revenge used these realities in the 80's brilliantly.

  13. Gare Bear's Gaming Ground on

    Can I just say – this channel is criminally under-rated! I love all that you guys do and absolutely love these videos!

  14. My favorite 80s horror franchise, and now I can claim with "pride", it's the only one with a chapter dedicated to the LGBTQ community!!!

  15. Love this film! It takes a lot to give the killer dialogue… he had another different level of spine tingling to his character compared to Jason or Michael.

  16. The ending of the original "Nightmare of Elm Street" was laughably bad. Ruins the movie for me. His powers were already inconsistent as hell, but the ending made absolutely no sense.

  17. I could've sworn you covered this in a video not too long ago. In any case, over the years I've grown to appreciate NOES 2. The school bus driving into the desert scared me to hell as a child. The companion documentary to this film, Scream Queen is an interesting look at Mark Patton.

  18. i love this one for it's creepiness. the way it's unclear if all of it's a nightmare or all in the real world. and the fact that it's never mentioned again leaves everything unanswered.
    freddy's still super scary, and not a quip machine, like chucky is.
    and mark patton delivers a high caliber performance that is heartbreaking and likable. he got a raw deal from the writer, but steals the show from freddy, and maybe that's why people didn't like it?

  19. I was 11 when I saw this one and I didn't get any subtext other than being scared shitless. I personally had no issue with this film from the get go. I still watch it and I still appreciate it.

  20. Parts 3 through 6 (that Freddy's Dead crap) weren't scary at all. Englund's make-up wasn't as frightening and Freddy wasn't as sinister as in the first two films.
    Sure there's no consistency regarding Freddy's abilities, but I don't care because the film does it's job and gives me the heebie jeebies.

    P.S As a kid back in the 80's and 90's I had no idea about the gay subtext. 😂

  21. I remember not liking it as much as the others when I watched it in 2007 on a binge-rental with the rest of the series (until New Nightmare and excluding Freddy vs Jason), and it's still one of the weaker entries into the franchise- but not without its charms (it's definitely better than the 2010 remake or the disgraceful Freddys Dead: The Final Nightmare). The VHS I watched it on was a decent copy of it.

    I'll probably re-watch it when Scream Factory (or someone else) comes out with a new boxed set.

  22. I’ve always loved this one despite the worldwide hate it technically features horrors first scream king in its main lead
    I really like how he was brought into the real world near the end and everyone gets to see him rather than just the main star it was something different to the first but you could only go so far with this franchise.

  23. Gabreya Bradley on

    Call me crazy but I like this film. Compared to the other films in the franchise, it’s different but in a good way. It’s not bad like what many people would have you to believe.

  24. I remember feeling the gay subtext as an 8 year old watchingthi movie, but did not understand what itcwas exactly at three time. Still my favorite Nightmare tho

  25. Part 2 is fantastic. Freddy was still very dark, twisted and scary. It has some of the most haunting dream sequences, too, from the opening in the bus, to Jesse's sister slowly doing the jump rope in her room. Also, in my opinion, it has some of the best acting in the series. I'm super happy that it's finally getting the love it deserves. ALSO, for those who haven't seen it, you should absolutely watch the documentary Scream, Queen: My Nightmare on Elm Street, which follows lead actor Mark Patton, who plays Jesse, and his life before, during and after the hate that this movie got. It's really emotional and fantastic. And it's on Shudder! Woo!

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