1. re. Matrix Resurrections; in the film they go meta and mention that Warner Bros. was going to take the rights for the Matrix and make the fourth film regardless of whether the Wachowski's were involved or not, so Lana decided to do it, so it seems it was forced rather than a real want…

  2. Loved the matrix unreal engine 5 trailer
    But i HATED that newbie (that back girl) i hated her when she interrupted neo n trinity reminiscing their iconic past

  3. Interesting point you made about how media is constructing our reality. What we define as real is really dependent on what we experience. How do we know what is "real" and what is a simulation?

  4. Diseny said that they'd make the movie with or without the creators of matrix so they said they'd do it and made big fuck you towards Disney. That's the way you have to watch the movie. Then it makes sense

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