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  1. The best part of this film is the unbelievable score from Patrick Doyle. I still listen to it this day. It is urgent, operatic, and terrifying at the same time. He would go on to do great work with Mary Shelley's Frankenstein one year later. Another great score.

  2. Torgo and the Lucifer Cat on

    a stephen king story that takes place in maine? how original! some of his stories are okay, even good….but for every good story there are a dozen stupid ones. and the films that are good are usually made good by the director. good example is "the shining", which king hated.

  3. I actually read this book after watching the movie. You are right. Its far easier to keep up with all the story lines in the book. And like in most cases the book goes into so much more detail with the characters and the story.

  4. Needful Things was my first Stephen King book I read as a teen. I need to catch up with this film, as I haven't watched it in years.

  5. The Undead Of Night on

    Fun part for Canadian fans was seeing Molly's Reach from The Beachcombers in a Stephen King horror movie . The movie was good , never knew about the TNT extended version .

  6. Love Needful Things. I hope we can get a region one release of the extended cut at some point. The German bluray is expensive. A lot of the performancess are really good but Walsh is simply amazing in this film. Can't wait for more King adaptations to be covered on here. Thanks for the always excellent content, Joblo.

  7. Richard Bachman is my favourite version of King. The Running Man. But this book I liked and the movie was okay too. Nice to see to Bonnie. Stephen King's output is like 2% thriller and the rest filler.

  8. WInchesterBoy320 on

    A year later, "The Stand" miniseries would air on ABC, and feature cameos from both Ed Harris and Kathy Bates. Like "The Stand", "Needful Things" should have been a miniseries because of all the story lines going on. I didn't know that a four hour TNT version existed, but I wish I had seen it!!!

  9. I remember watching this years ago. Not sure if I saw the whole thing, but I liked the take on the Devil. And it kind of helped define my view that everyone needs or wants something, but it isn't always money.

  10. I love it. It has that Twilight Zone/Amazing Stories vibes where you introduce this supernatural element to a relatable setting and see how it influences people in these eerie way. Absolutely love films like this.

  11. Nicholas Mackey on

    Needful things was the first Stephen king book I read after seeing the movie as a kid and thinking it was kinda cool. But after reading the book I just get annoyed at how much better this movie could’ve been. Really should’ve brought back ace from stand by me like the book did. There’s just so much going on to try to fit it into a 100 minute movie. This could be great if made into a 10 episode mini series lol r something.

  12. Marilyn Knepper on

    Love this movie. One of my favorite depictions of the devil. Plus the devil is from Ohio ! Makes this Buckeye proud !

  13. This was my second King film growing up (Shawshank was first); i really enjoyed the story and adapt. Kick ass job on the video!

  14. Out of all of the mini-series of King adaptations in the 90s… this one was a standalone theatrical release. Yeah… totally makes sense.

  15. I have to say, I’m glad you did this one, I’ve been meaning to give it another view lately.

    I saw another good one recently, ‘Storm of the Century’. Where this was King directing, that was King writing something exclusively for TV. It was way better than I remember it (like Needful Things), recommended.

  16. It always made for a great mid-day showing for 4 hours (due to commercials) on TNT back in the mid 90s. Though as usual, sucked with removal/replacement/cropped content. If only the studio were smart enough to Re edit the full extra version WITH content. (though, unfortunately the longer version had some oddly mixed edit sequences that should've just run through without a cut in between). The movie does have more of a dramatic subtle flow, but there's nothing wrong with that. Not all of his stories have to be action packed or gruesome… Personally, I wish all the Flashback and Fantasy sequences were NOT edited with that damn stutter effect.
    As for other crossovers with this and Needful Things? Ed Harris's wife Amy Madigan, plays the wife of Thad in The Dark Half. Yet, who was the sheriff's wife in Dark Half if he's single in Needful Things? (Needful Things was meant to be the Last story in the fictitious Castle Rock, Maine).

  17. This is a pretty cool film, but it highlights the problem with King adaptations, he has these amazing ideas that a novel gives him the space to explore (and he is a master at doing that) but there is so much happening in the minds of his characters, that it becomes really hard to translate it properly to the screen

  18. In the sequel, an eccentric scientist shows up in the new shop, analysis the items with science and opens a rival shop that offers to de-curse them for $$$ cos he's an asshole.

  19. Michael Schwartz on

    Poor Needful Things, WAY ahead of its time. It would be perfect for a limited HBO series now. But good luck beating that cast

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