1. Renee Rosenthal on

    The movie was decent but far from a scare. It was original. I liked the way they looked out for one another, for the 2 young boys, they were aware of the situation at hand and they kept their cool. I liked it.

  2. Y not finished until end of?.. WTF.. Man always coward when point a gun at weak girl.. No dick or penis brutally .

  3. Duan Torruellas on

    That woman's house is the underground witch railroad, Thank god that witchcraft is an officially accepted religion nowadays. The star in the circle is the symbol you see on grave stones of u.s service men as well as others who are valuable members of society. This movie pisses me off , it's just another form of prejudice and those who think they are better than someone else because they are different in some way.

  4. Well, it was ok. But it really was slow moving. Very slow. I almost gave up on it twice. If I knew what I know now, I would have passed on the movie. It just wasn't 'my thing'.

  5. Michelle Northington on

    I thought it would be scary, but it wasn't. I thought this was a good movie. It was suspenseful. It kept me on my toes, LOL!!! I actually watched it to the end. The end was like Thelma and Louise…… ;>}

  6. Obaa yaa Aferiwaa on

    This movie’s so great Buh this not a satisfyin’ horror I thought it would be….

    In all it’s a great movie.☺️

  7. Patrick Archuleta on

    This movie is pretty good one thing ruined it that is the dark you can't see what's really going on till it's happened .oh well

  8. This movie was poorly written.. It took an 1:25:00 mins to get to the most interesting part in which you already could figure out 10 minutes into watching the movie. It was a missed opportunity to revive this movie from the slow crawl of death around the 35 to 38 minute mark . Instead the movie fluttered around like a bird with a broken wing.

    Actors were good, casting was good, direction was good ( all things considering ) , However the writing was GARBAGE. Trust me, 10 to 15 minutes in… you will know where this is going and the movie never gets there until 1:25:00 into an 1:31:55 Movie. The Story Was About Witches and Witchcraft and The Apex Of The Story Was The Daughter.

    All That Wasted Focus Is A Crime and In Turn Made This A Very Mediocre Movie. Wasted Potential.

    If this story was rewritten and the attention was centered on Claire becoming who she is during the Beginning of the Second Act of the movie. It would be time well spent.

  9. I see alot of comments on different movies saying they're a must watch and an amazing movie and alot of them r but alot of them aren't lol but personally this is a definitely worth watching

  10. James Pembleton on

    Good morality tale. Especially like the "Thelma and Louise" ending. The acting was first rate and very humanizing, and the story line was engaging. Better than watching a Marvel movie.

  11. WOW Boring as all Fuck even watching at 1.5X Speed that made it play at Normal Speed. Now Either the 201 Comments before me were written by Friends of the uploader or different accounts owned by them… Or People have NO Fucking clue what a Good movie actually is. Nothing Happens and the Thumbnail has NOTHING to do with the movie and it was the only thing I wanted to see in the movie…

  12. Katiesarabians on

    Title is Witch Hunt, very good. Not if you want a marvel action, this is more mature, suspense and there are horrible things shown.

    Btw, I don't think they crash at the end, they go through. See the break in the salt line? Anyone watched Supernatural?

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