1. ケクshinbyosei on

    i literally watched this series from the start until the end, and all i can say was this is truly great, i love this content!! thank u so much pewds!! this gave me comfort, i was so anxious from the past couple of days and these helped me relieve the tension tysm ily bro 👊💗

  2. Bro, your bamboo farms backing up is causing all the lag from the entity’s just chilling. Solution is to turn off a couple of the bamboo farms and turn em back on if you need more bamboo faster. Like a lever to turn off half of em or something like that.

  3. Felix, there is actual chunk loader you can build, just like any other automated farm, it works without any moding.

  4. Just remember everybody, this guy used to live in House that was dug into a side of a mountain now his house takes the place of that mountain…

  5. Hey pewds you know you can make blast furnaces which makes melting a lot faster you can get iron faster than ever!

  6. Jomama Jostar on

    Me : huh its been a while since the last time i watched pewds , i wonder if he still plays minecraft…
    5 minutes later

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