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    I've never been interested in golf, but I have a couple friends who love it so I have to comment. One is from a wealthy family and grew up playing in a country club and his high school had a golf team. The other got into by playing video games, then played it for real. They're 22 and 21 years old. I always thought it was a game for old people (my grandfather played) but listening to my two young friends talk about it… they love it. I still don't care about golf. But it's apparently not just an "old people" game.

  2. how does the sleepin dude looks real anyone else could do it for him via Teamviewer just put the cat on ur keyboard and pretend ur are sleeping lmao

  3. It's hard to know how to handle the disconnect between genuinely caring about a YouTuber and feeling bonded with them through their videos as if they're a dear friend, and recognizing that you're just a random stranger and they'll probably never even know your name or face…

  4. Love how ken lifts his headphones in the beginning to avoid felix screaming in his ear lol. he probably warned him that he's gonna scream now.

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