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  1. Im not even a content creator , yet i still think the "Lickd ad" was like the most useful thing from this whole video .

  2. Francisco H Coronado on

    For the spanish harassment one: the additional layer of comedy (if you understand the language) is that the narrator is basically talking about the meaning of life and finding a purpose in it XD

  3. Isaac The Honkler on

    It's funny you say that Kazakhstan needs to switch up their language. Because ironically that's a political topic in Kazakhstan, If I remember correctly First it was the Soviet union who came in and made a new Cyrillic alphabet for all the ethnic minorities in Kazakhstan (Despite the name the Kazakhs actually are a minority in Kazakhstan) and Russian became the most spoken language in Kazakhstan, Kazakh was originally written in Arabic script so people who fled to other nations when the commies took over have returned to Kazakhstan now to find they can't read or write their own language. Then Kazakhstan wanted to reclaim their language so they started pushing for everyone to speak Kazakhstani but with the new Cyrillic alphabet, But because diversity is death people can't really agree on what language to speak or what alphabet to use so now they are changing the alphabet from a Cyrillic based one, to a latin based one I guess to try and please everyone.

  4. Nopeify and pyro is like a very tired uncles tried to make their nephew happy before leaving forever for a milk

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