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KOREAN MOVIE "Confidential Assignment" 2016 Action

By an internal organization to seize secretly manufactured counterfeit currency plates
  North Korean detective “Lim Seung-ryung” (Hyun Bin), a special elite unit who lost his wife and colleagues during the operation.
  North Korea, which has to find a copper plate, is trying to catch up the organization’s leader ‘cha gi- sung’ (Kim Joo-hyuk).
  It requests the first investigation of inter-Korean cooperation in history, and dispatches to Seoul as its proper person.
  On the other hand, South Korea, which is suspicious of North Korea ‘s intention, plan to catch gi- sung.
  And order to a livelihood detective Jin-tae(Yoo Hae-jin) who is being suspended closely watch Seung-ryung.
  Seung-ryung must fulfill the mission and Jin-tae must stop the mission.
  The time given to them only three days,
  An unpredictable investigation begin!